Not all of the following endorsed or known by PNGP. Please do your research first! These are merely here to serve in helping you find the information you need concerning your dog(s).

Dog Services

Here is a list of various dog services PNGP has heard of or encountered. Please note, we will only list training/activity centers that use "Positive Reinforcement" methods.

Dog Sitter Locators

A list of Pet sitter locators and Directories to aid in your search for a good sitting situation, should our service not prove to be the best option for your dogs. Please note, we highly recommend finding an insured sitter who is experienced and uses positive methods. Good luck, and always ask questions!


Anything both dog and non-dog related we have personally used, purchased or participated in that we would like to share with you.

These are various Papers and Blogs created by Lauren about/for PNGP that may or may not have been utilized yet.

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