Policies & General Information

New Clients Please Read Checklists Provided

Provided below are general guidelines and basic "rules of the road" concerning our policies and practices. Our top priority is always, the health and well being of your pet. If at anytime you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Notice To All - We are sorry to announce, Rhode Island has implemented a Mandatory Sales Tax for all Pet Care Services. Effective October 1, 2012 - A 7% Sales Tax will be required in addition to our standard rates. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your undertanding. We look forward to continuing to offer our top-quality service to meet your needs!

Key Policies To Know

  • There is an extra $10.00 Holiday Charge for nights of Major holidays
  • During key holiday seasons, we have potential to book up fast and early. This is due to our small and exclusive setup. We are have a maximum of 7 clients, at any given time. Due to this setup, we recommend booking ahead when possible for any booking, and especially on holidays.
  • If you have reserved a spot for a holiday period and have a change of plans or need to cancel, please call us to ASAP. Bookings during these times that are not cancelled a week prior to the holiday, may be charged a late cancellation fee.
  • Pet Taxi will only run in safe weather! Should we be unable to safely transport your pup the day of their drop off, and you are unable to pick them up safely, an extra night will be charged. We are sorry for the inconvience, but we are about safety first.
  • After your dogs first visit, if it is determined that your dog requires a lot of extra attention/supervision to help keep them safe, secure and appropriate in their new enviornment, an extra fee for intensive care may be applied for their next stay.
  • Dogs must be current with Flea and Tick preventative that was applied at least 3 days prior to arriving. If either are found in abundance (more than a one here or there), an extra charge will be applied for us to appropriately get them under control. (I.e., Flea bath, herbal preventative, Frontline, etc) We are sorry, but this is our home, as well as our guests living space. Fleas will affect everyone if introduced heavily, and they will stay in our home long after your pup has left, and will travel home with other dogs too!
  • No Shows or No Calls to cancel an interview, may result in a $15.00 fee for a reschedule.

First Time Visit Checklist

Here is a list of things we will require upon your dogs first visit, and what is or is not, reccommended to send with them for you pups stay. Please be advised, we do everything possible to get all belongs back in full, but occassionally things do get misplaced or chewed up, so please do NOT send anything of sentimental value.

  • Doggie Overnight Application (provided at interview or via E-mail)
  • Doggie Agreement and Waiver (contract provided at interview or via E-mail)
  • Copy of Up-to-date vaccination records (or original and we can make a copy) - Distemper/equivelant - Rabies - (Opt w/waiver) Bordetella)
  • Full payment for the visit (refunds available for shortened stays)
  • A collar and/or harness(NO prongs, electrical or correction based collars allowed)
  • A leash
  • Any usual bedding materials (we are not responsible for damages done during their stay)
  • Dog Food/Treats
  • A few toys
  • We do not reccommend sending food dishes, these are the most easily mixed up and misplaced, if sending them be aware we may have to label them.

A Word About Dog Life Stages

Puppies (Ages - 6 months and under)

Due to the highly sensitive nature of the puppy immune system, and their sensitive emotional state, we highly discourage boarding your pup, before 6 months of age. Of course, during severe emergencies this may be more than necessary, and we will deal with the case to case. Depending on the group of dogs we currently have booked, we may or may not, be able to accommodate puppies under 6 months. The liabilities, risks and intense nature of monitoring need are great with wee pups, and we do not take boarding them in our pack-style lightly. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation, and we can figure out what might work best for all parties involved.

Adolescents (Ages - Varies by breed/individual dog, averages 1.5 years to 4 years)

We would like to take a moment to address the emotional growth period for dogs known as the “adolescent stage.” This time in a pups life is the equivalent of humans rebelleous “teenage” years. All the good and bad choices are made, and hard learned lessons a human teenager would go through, will be reflected upon in a dog as well. Dogs who appear to be going through a destructive phase of adolescenthood, or begin to during their visit with us, may take longer periods of time and a lot more one on one work, to get integrated safely into our pack. In extreme cases of unforseen issues, there may be charged an extra fee per day for intensive care. Along these same lines, if they appear to be unable to safely integrate into the pack, and needs to be kept apart from the full group, they may not be able to meet every visitor staying with us, however, will see everyone in passing.

During this stage of life dogs sometimes appear to have “forgotten” known behaviors such as sit, stay, recall (come when called), house-training, appropriate things to chew on, etc. It's a very trying period in their life, and may take a lot of extra time and effort to be guided appropriately. Effective methods of dealing with this stage of life is to begin obedience training (we recommend positive training facilities only!) in the early stages of life and to maintain them diligently throughout the adolescent period. Have patience! :)

Geriatrics (Ages - Varies by breed/size, average of 9 years and above)

Now for a few words about our elderly pets. To start, our household is a wonderful place for an older dog to stay while you are away! Why you ask? And what makes my dog qualify as a geriatric, you say? Well, for one, our quiet household, with a limited amount of dogs is a calm and safe environment for older pets to relax. Separate bedrooms are available when secluded privacy is required. A staff member will constantly be around, to monitor you elderly pets health.

What makes a pet qualify as geriatric? Well, that's a tough one to define. This is a very breed/individual based age. Generally speaking, the smaller the dog, the longer the life span, thus “geriatric”hood begins later in life, around 10 years of age for small (under 30lbs) dogs, 9 years for medium (40lb-80lbs) dogs and large/giant breeds (over 80lbs) geriatric hood kicks in around 8. These values are highly variable and are impacted by factors such as daily activity levels, nutrition and overall health. Dogs who need extreme monitoring, high frequency of potty breaks and lots of medication taking, may incur and small extra fee on top of their daily rates.

Business Policies

We require all payments the first day of service, an invoive will be given upon our receival of scheduled dates and an receipt given upon payment. On the last day of your dogs visit, they will also receive, a doggie report card summarizing the highlights of their stay and friends made!

Late Fees & Extra Fees

A payment of $25 will be charged for each day left unscheduled, and will be required upon pick-up or delivery of your pet. This is applicable in the following circumstances:

  • Should you not inform us of delays, and our pet taxi service is held up more than 25 minutes.
  • Should you not inform us 24 hours ahead that you will be late or not be picking up or dropping off your dog on your scheduled day.
  • Should you alter or cancel your reservation without giving at least three days notice.

Please understand, that each day we do not know that you do not need our services, we are unable to accommodate other clients who may be in serious need of boarding! We want to make this a pleasant experience for everyone, thank you.


  • All dogs, by law, must be kept up to date with their rabies vaccination and will otherwise not be accepted into our service without proof.
  • We require that all dogs in our care provide proof of an up to date Distemper/Parvovirus vaccinaton, this is a highly contagious and highly fatal illness and will not be messed with.
  • We require that if your pet is not vaccinated for bordetella (canine cough/canine flu), you sign a waiver stating you understand the risks and health concerns with not having the vaccination done. You will also be held responsible for any vet bills that arise, should your dog come down with Bordetella, or Canine Cough, should you chose to opt out of vaccinating.
  • Dogs *Must* be current on some variety of Flea and Tick Preventative, 3 days Prior to arrival at PNGP. Infested cases, will be charged based on severity of damage control.

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