Lauren HouckLauren Houck has spent most of her life living around a wide variety of animals ranging from rodents, dogs, to equines, and has always had a passion working with them. Her passion led her to Becker College in Leicester, Mass., where she graduated with an Associates degree in Animal Care. Aside from living on a farm with horses, dogs, cats and semi-domesticated deer, she has worked at veterinary, boarding, grooming, and a dog training/daycare facilities, as well as, various non-profit local animal organizations.

Her time at My Dogs Place, provided her with invaluable experience working with dogs in a pack environment, and learning the fine details of dog body language. She has experience working with behaviors ranging from emotional underdevelopment to aggressive behaviors, and what to look for to prevent incidences before they occur. She assisted dog trainer, Michael Bane, for six months helping and observing, during his training classes, which added to her knowledge and confidence in the animal care field. All of her training has involved the use of “positive reinforcement”, a non-correction based training style. She also utilizes the reading of dog body language, to understand each dogs needs more accurately and in depth, allowing her to provide a much more personalized style of care for those under her watch.

Lauren Houck, previously was a certified Pet Care Technician Level One through the ABKA, is a current P.S.I Certified Professional Pet Sitter, and is also an Associate Level member of the I.A.C.P. She constantly strives find new methods, and new information, to add more to her experiences and education. Her personal experience with animals, spans from the raising of breeds of all types, from Rottweilers, Boxers, and Great Danes to her two rescues, a 12 year old, Beagle - Benny and a 9 year old Jack Russell Terrier – Adie. She previously was an In-Home pet sitter prior to the establishment of Pack n' Go Pets Exclusive.

Having a dream of the best quality overnight service, she sought and found support from all of her wonderful friends, family, and most importantly, from her boyfriend James. Each one offered their own support and helped make her dream become a reality. The creation of Pack n' Go Pets Exclusive, proved that it is possible to make your dreams come true!

Our Family

Adie is Lauren's 9 year old, female Jack Russell Terrier. She was rescued by Beatrice Nielsen, and adopted out to Lauren in June 2010. She lived with 3 different families before she came into Lauren and James's household. She had a rough life to start, but settled into the household perfectly within six months. She is doing splendid almost 6 years later!

She previously, accompanied Lauren, to her dog daycare job, and had been happily integrated into multiple days of dogs. In the end, she really loved the one day a week, that was especially comprised of small dogs, and big dogs that were , mall dog appropriate. There, she was part of a pack, of up to 24 different dogs of various sizes for six and half hours!

Now a days, she is Pack n' Go Pets Exclusive Mascot, 7 days a week! She is also, was co-founder of her own retail sales, PNGP Exclusive Retail, by Adaline for a short time! She has a brief warm up period, with new people and dogs alike, but loves to play once she does. She's ball obsessed, a bit OCD really, and likewise as weird with a gardening hose turned on! She thinks she's as tough as a Rottweiler and does not always show self-preservation, but in reality, she's a very sensitive pup. She does great with all sizes and ages of dogs now, and tends to be the puppies favorite choice.

Scrat is James' best friend of 13 years, and is a "Jack of All Trades". Having traveled most of eastern US, she is known to have the largest single knowledge of human culture of any canine :P. She likes to spend her days helping design new systems for James' business and hunting out in the fields!. She is highly skilled at opening cabinets, closing crate doors, and finding the keys (usually cheese). She plays a crucial management roll at Pack n Go Pets, where her title is Senior VP of Accounting and Finance.

She came from a pack of 4 dogs, but spent much of her time traveling from farm to farm helping train hunters and steeplechase horses. She prefers to go for long runs, but doesn't mind jogging with James occasionally, she is also his personal trainer. Nowadays, Scrattly has begun to feel her age and is slowing down a bit, but is always ready to hunt the critters out in the yard!

Benny was first discovered by Lauren, through the Becker College, dog training program, that utilized the, Second Chance, adoption agency to help train rescued dogs, to be suitable enough to be adopted out. The goal is to achieve this out at the end of a 6 month semester. During this time, Lauren trained him and found her grandfather to adopt him into his household in Martha's Vineyard. There he lived for 4 years, until his owners health declined and he was no longer able to keep Benny, (who needs much work to be suitable and appropriate around other dogs).

Lauren accepted a long term pet sitting job and acquired him after the time span expired,and it was decided that he will remain in the family, permanently. He has a good spirit despite his previous, "Problem Child" ways. He has taken a turn for the best over the last few years and has become a best friend to many of the guests here. He is extremely intelligent and very loveable. He knows several tricks and loves to do agility! At 12 years old, Benny is a dashingly handsome devil still!

Our House

  • Offering a stockade fenced backyard, for supervised outdoor play off-leash.
  • Wired smoke detectors throughout house for safety.
  • A two acre lot, set at the back away from neighbors and the road.
  • A house setup with 4 legged friends in mind - toy baskets, water and beds in every room
  • A Just-Like-Home feel, no concrete runs or stalls. Guests live in actual bedrooms of our house.

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